We constantly strive to improve and strengthen our capabilities and processes

Equipped with heavy-lift gantry cranes and deepwater berthes, both yards have the capability to undertake large-scale projects to fabricate different components of fixed platforms, as well as vessel conversion and construction.

The Group also owns a fabrication facility in Houston, USA which has in-house engineering capabilities, fabricating specialized offshore equipment including cranes, A-frames and winches.

Our flexible approach allows us to work with clients and present them with a customized set of solutions.

TRIYARDS Singapore

Water frontage:
L: 192.98m x B: 21m)

Berthing Jetty:
Water depth - Depth of Jetty is -6.8m CD

Mooring limit:
47m from edge of wharf deck.

Covered workshop:

Fabrication workshop:
(L: 75.675m x B: 34.70 x H: 14m)2674m2 with 10T/m2 loading capacity.

TRIYARDS Ho Chi Minh City

Size of facility: 

Water Frontage: 

Undercover workshop: 
50,000sqm - Including block shops, erection shops, outfitting shops, piping shops, machine shop, electrical shop, blasting & painting shops

Industrial activities Yard:
80,000sqm - with 100T hydraulic transporter, 10 – 50T gantry cranes & 250T crawler cranes, etc 

Launching way: 
61m x 141m

Marine outfitting quay: 
max 5.5m draft


Size of facility: 

Water Frontage: 

Undercover workshop: 20,858sqm - Includes block shops, outfitting shops, piping shops, machine shop, electrical shop, blasting & painting shops.

Industrial activities Yard:96,000sqm - with 100T hydraulic transporter, 120T A crane & 250T crawler crane

26m x 130m

Launching way:
52m x 175m

Marine outfitting quay:
Max 7m draft

TRIYARDS Strategic Marine Singapore

Size of Facility: 
11,068 sqm

Undercover workshop: 2132 sqm – Including temporary workshop.

Store Facility:
110 sqm

Office (2 Story):
220 sqm

TRIYARDS Strategic Marine Vungtau

Overall Yard Area: 
115,310 m2

Water Frontage: 

Undercover workshop: 20,650 sqm, comprising workshops (all fitted with overhead cranes of 10 ton capacity), aluminium workshops, CNC shop, machine shop, carpentry shop and blast/paint shop.

Industrial activities Yard:64,800 sqm, served by a 250 ton transported, 2 x 250 ton crawler cranes, 2 x 50 ton crawler cranes and 4 forklifts ranging from 3 ton to 7 ton capacity

Launching way:
3 slipways, comprising No. 1 137m x 17m, No. 2 177m x 17m and No. 3 141m x 50m

Marine outfitting quay:
Maximum draft 2.5 mtr Length 90 metres