Ship Repair, Maintenance & Conversion

With fully equipped facilities and a highly qualified work force, our Vietnam yards focus on afloat ship repaired projects and up slip - dry docking projects. With our highly experienced team, we have the ability to handle a variety of repair and conversion works, not restricting to machinery and electric requirements. Being the only yard in Vietnam with a dock pit and situated along the South China Sea further enhances our competitiveness.

We establish our reputation on high quality work and short lead times while offering internationally competitive rates.

Our shipyards are able to handle the following vessels:

  1. Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)
  2. Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
  3. Lift Boat, Rig & Jack-up Barge
  4. Barges
  5. Passenger Ship
  6. Multi-Purpose / Survey vessel
  7. Bulk Carrier
  8. Tanker
  9. Tug Boat
  10. Maintenance vessel
  11. River Vessel
  12. Calm Buoy
  13. Dredger Vessel

Ship Dimension for dock

  1. LOA maximum : 95 m
  2. BOA maximum : 27 m
  3. Draft max : 6m
  4. Deadweight : ≤ 10 000T

Ship Dimension for afloat repairs

  1. LOA maximum : 150 m
  2. BOA maximum : 50 m
  3. Draft max : 6m
  4. Deadweight : ≤ 10 000T
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